Monday, April 19, 2010


Dear Sirs

Please be advised that the following Receipts for Donations to IESM, under Section 80G, have been prepared and are under posting:
Rec # dtd Rank Name Amount
206 24-Mar-10 Lt Col JK Barry Rs 5,000
207 31-Mar-10 Brig BS Lamba Rs 5,000
208 31-Mar-10 Maj Gen KP Deswal Rs 5,000
209 31-Mar-10 Col Bhupinder Singh Rs 4,900
210 31-Mar-10 Brig TS Sirohi Rs 4,900

Be well!!

CK Sharma
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Receipts for Donations..80 G Issue..List 1
Dear Sirs

Please be advised that the following Receipts for Donations to IESM, under Section 80G, have been prepared and are under posting:

Rec # dtd Rank Name Amount
201 14-Mar-10– Sushil Sharma Rs 11,000
202 14-Mar-10 BrigCS Kamboj Rs 1,00,000
203 14-Mar-10 BrigSR Luktuke Rs 5,000
204 14-Mar-10 Lt Col SP Kundra Rs 2,500
205 14-Mar-10 Brig Harwant Singh Rs 11,000

Be well!!

CK Sharma

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Saturday, April 3, 2010
Donation Rs. 5000 each by Col Bhupinder Singh/Brig TS Sirohi / Maj Gen KP Deswal / Brig BS Lamba
From: raj kadyan
Sent: 01 April 2010 23:49
Subject: ESM sitrep 01 Apr evening

Dear Colleagues,
I extend a hearty welcome to the following veterans on joining the IESM family and thank them for their generous donation of Rs 5,000/- each:
1. Col Bhupinder Singh
2. Brig T S Sirohi
3. Maj Gen K P Deswal
4. Brig B S Lamba
I also thank and compliment Brigadier Balbir Lamba, KUMAON, for being the motivator.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM
262, Sector-17A, Gurgaon- 122 001
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Monday, March 29, 2010
Donation Rs. 5000 by Maj Suresh Dhawan
From: suresh dhawan
Sent: 26 March 2010 18:14

Dear Sir ,

Am enclosing a scanned copy of the Life membership form duly filled. Details are as under,

(a) IC 33199M Maj(Retd) S Dhawan


Postal Address: Maj S Dhawan, B-205 Fifth Avenue, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad- 500094
Tele Nos 040 27114789, Mob 9246391991 & 9440187102

(c) Amt Rs 5000/-

(d) Hdfc Bank Chq No699793 Dt 26-03 2010

(e) Hdfc bank Kapra Sainikpuri

Please ack me the receipt and also the certificate to claim tax exemption.

With Regards

Maj S Dhawan
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Donation of Rs 25000 by Wg Cdr Mohender Pal singh 8 NDA California
From: satbir singh
Sent: Fri, 26 March, 2010 11:18:27 AM
Subject: [IESM_GovBody] Donation IESM

Dear members of the Governing Body
A senior Indian Military Veteran Wing Cdr Mohender Pal Singh of 8 NDA Course from California visited IESM HQ and gave a Cheque of Rs 25000/- to IESM (Rs 24500 donation + Rs 500 membership Fee). It was very pleasant to listen to him. Full of ideas, enthusiasm, motivated and totally committed, he informed that he would donate this amount every year.
As I was about to thank him, he stated some thing which touched my heart deep inside and my eyes went moist. He said, he has informed the Medical Authorities to take his body for research when he dies and the amount due to him for this offering will be donated to the IESM funds.
Our heartfelt salute to him. May God bless him sound health and long life. Such Military veterans are the greatest motivators for our Movement. He has also informed that he would motivate other Military Veterans in California to contribute and support our Casue.
With kind regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement
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Thursday, March 25, 2010
Donation of Rs. 25000 by Lt Gen Mahendra Singh Gosain
From: trijiwan payal
Sent: 24 March 2010 11:06
Cc:; Vinod Gandhi, Gp Capt, VSM
Subject: Donation/Membership IESM.

Respected General,
Yesterday, I have despatched a courier containing Membership Form of Lt Gen Mahendra Singh Gosain along with his cheque of Rs 25000/=(Rs Twenty Five Thousand) towards his membership fees and humble donation to our IESM nobel cause. I have thanked him on behalf of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Members Core Group IESM. His Contact No (M) 09412052879, (LL) 0135-2629449. his email ID is ( for clarity in capitals MSGGOSAIN@HOTMAIL.COM)
The courier contains;

1. My humble donation cheque.
2. Membership Forms of Mrs Sharda Thapa, W/O Late Hav Nirmal Thapa along with THREE MEDALS of the Late NCO.
3.TWO MEDALS from Mrs Kamla Bisht W/O Late Major Shwetamber Singh Bisht (The lady is already IESM Member since 23/12/ 2009 wherein she had donated Rs 1100/=. She is a permanent resident of PUNE and my younger sister.)

Respected Brig Kamboj & Gp Capt Vinod Gandhi Sirs,
Request to share details in Membership Form of Lt Gen M S Gosain to place him on Direct Mailing List of RMS.


With deep warm regards
Sincerely Your's
Col T S Payal
(M) 08057323229
(LL) 0135-2666433
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Donation of Rs. 1000 by Cdr JK Sharma

Cdr(Retd) J K Sharma H.No 2701-H(Near Gate No 3)
Phone:0129-2411150 SECTOR-49,Sainik Colony
Mob:9899206369 Faridabad-121001(Haryana)

The Chairman 16 March 2010

Esteemed Sir

In continuation to our efforts in achieving our goals, following ex servicemen
have been included in the main stream of IESM. Their life membership
forms along with membership fee Cheques are enclosed:

(i) *Brig Jagjit Singh Rs 500.0 by cheque
(ii)Hony Flt Lt CK Sikka Rs 200.0 do
(iii)Hony Flt Lt SR Datta Rs 200.0 do
(iv)Ex CPL JC Nagpal Rs 500.0 (by cheque) including donation

These documents are being sent by speed post on 17 mar 10
Kindly confirm the receipt of this letter by e-mail and issue the
membership Nos at the earliest.

May God bless God speed to IESM..

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